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Amarnath Yatra 2022 | Travel Advise

Things to Pack for Amarnath Yatra

amarnath yatra 2022
One pair of warm clothes
amarnath yatra 2022
Wind Cheater Jacket
amarnath yatra 2022
Raincoat / Umbrella
amarnath yatra 2022
Warm socks, Monkey cap, Hiking boot (Sports shoes)
amarnath yatra 2022
Water bottle, Trekking stick or pole,
amarnath yatra 2022
First aid kit, All your daily medicine
amarnath yatra 2022
Insect repellent, Sunscreen, Sun hat , lip bam
amarnath yatra 2022
Flash light (Torch) Spare battery , toilet paper
amarnath yatra 2022
Cellphone (VSNL Postpaid – Postpaid phones only works in Kashmir)

Dress : Pilgrims are advised to carry sufficient woolens such as sweaters,  drawers, woolen trousers, monkey cap etc. Other items could include wind cheaters, rain coat, sleeping bag or blankets, umbrella, waterproof boots/shoes,  walking stick, torch etc. Ladies are advised not to go on the trek in saris, instead pants or Salwar suits with drawers should be used.

Medical Assistance : Medical posts manned by qualified doctors and nursing staff are established enroute to cater to the needs of the pilgrims, free of cost.  However, pilgrims are advised to carry along any medicines specifically prescribed for them.

Insurance : In view of the hazardous nature, pilgrims are advised to insure themselves before proceeding on the Yatra.


  • Don't stop at such places which are marked by  warning notices
  • Don't take drugs / alcohol during Yatra by Amarnath journey.
  • The children and aged persons are advised not to perform yatra, keeping in view the tough nature of the yatra.
  • Don't use Slippers because of the steep rises and falls on the route to the Holy Cave. 
  • Don't attempt short cuts on the route as it is very dangerous.

Prepare for Yatra by achieving Physical fitness
In order to perform smooth and trouble free yatra, it is advisable to  start preparatory morning  / evening walk of about  4 - 5 kms per day atleast a month prior to Yatra. Apart from above If you can have  daily massage of your body with body oil, preferably mustard (sarson) oil and  bathe in the lukewarm water , this will  help your body to become flexible and you will not feel tired. Moreover the effect of sudden change in temperature & climate on you  will be reduced to a large extent . As oxygen gets rare some times , It is better to improve your physical fitness  .  To increase your body efficiency of oxygen, it is very good to start deep breathing exercises. The Yoga exercise like Prana Yam can be learnt.

We wish you safe and happy journey.

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