Amarnath yatra 2021: beyond divinty

Amarnath Yatra 2021 considered as the most pious of all dhams in the Hindu religion, shall commence this year from 26th June and last for a period of 60 days. The registrations have begun since 1st March 2021 and like every year, millions of tourists are excited to embark the trek trip to Amarnath yatra by Pahalgam routes or via a helicopter yatra. This divine journey is believed to be one of the most difficult and fulfilling journey of a Hindu and has the powers to wash all sins and liberate the soul.

Amarnath Yatra 2021 – The story behind

It is believed that Lord Vishnu, a revered Hindu God revealed the secrets of life and eternity to Parvati, his divine consort in the cave of Amarnath. Till today, the cave is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, who is also worshipped in the form of ‘shiva lingam’. Every year, for about a period of two months in summer, when the ice melts and water starts dripping inside the cave, the cave features a shiva lingam made out of ice stalagmites which measures about 130 feet high. These are the months when the Amarnath helicopter yatra and Trek Trip to Amarnath yatra by Pahalgam route is opened for pilgrims. It is said that the lingam increases and decreases in height with the phases of moon.Amarnath Yatra 2021 will be seen reaching its pinnacle when the ice stalagmites that form the lingam will attain its ideal height.

who are eligible?

Only pilgrims falling between the age bracket of 14 years and 74 years are eligible for Amarnath Yatra 2021. Infants, pregnant women, children below 14 or senior citizens above the age of 74 will not be allowed for the trek trip to Amarnath yatra by Pahalgam route or the helicopter yatra. Every pilgrim will have to register with the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) along with their health certificate which will prove them fit for the yatra. Any pilgrim who falls under the eligible age bracket but declared unfit will also not be allowed to register. Several helicopter packages for Amarnath Yatra have also opened for pre-booking.

Trek Trip to Amarnath yatra by pahalgam route

The Amarnath cave is located 12,756 feet (3,888 m) in the Himalayas and can be reached via two different trek routes. Trek trip to Amarnath yatra by Pahalgam route can be done via either of the Nunwan or Chandanwari base camps. The pilgrims have to pass tough 43 kilometres of snowy and edgy mountain trek route to complete their Amarnath Yatra 2021 The trek takes about five strenuous days to be completed. Arrangements for food, rest and safety is suitably made by the Jammu and Kashmir government every year to ensure a peaceful yatra. 15000 pilgrims will be allowed to travel everyday through the two different routes from Pahalgam to Amartnathji.

Embark your dream journey- Book your confirmation today

Amarnath Yatra 2021 is much beyond a pilgrimage. It is a divine experience laced with the rich Himalayan mountains, snow covered peaks, a treasured view of the glaciers and a feeling of ecstasy that is beyond explanation. As they say, the journey cannot be defined but only experienced; it is time that you book your ride through the rough and exciting Trek trip to Amarnath yatra by Pahalgam route or a helicopter yatra. To register for Helicopter packages for Amarnath yatra or plan a trip to the mighty shiva lingam, call us @ +91 - 9654150068 | +91 - 9811319428| +91 - 129 - 2511475

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